JC-22 Quarterly Meeting Updates

  • The lengthy JESD282 for Silicon Rectifier Diodes will be reformatted to better recognize many of the test methods therein, similar to those found in MIL-STD-750.
  • Recent test methods that have already been reviewed (letter balloted) or in the process of similar review in JC-22.2 for JESD282 include “Thermal Impedance and Thermal Response Testing for Diodes” and “Inductive Avalanche Energy Test for Rectifiers.”
  • A new Standard for Zener & Voltage Regulators was recently approved in committee letter ballot and is now at the JEDEC BoD Letter Ballot stage for final approval before being published.  This will likely become JESD211.
  • Other new Standards now in committee letter ballot with JC-22.5 include the TVS Standard for Polymer ESD Suppressor (PES).
  • Other similar Standards recently published from activities in JC-22 include JESD210 for “Avalanche Breakdown Diode (ABD) Transient Voltage Suppressors” in December of 2007.
  • The JC-22 Committee recommended at its last meeting (April 2009) that the JC-22.1 subcommittee for Thyristors now be moved to JC-25 for Transistors since its Chairman is still active in that Committee but can no longer attend the JC-22 Meetings.  All the Diode products would remain in JC-22.