ESD: Electrostatic Discharge


JEDEC has taken a leadership role in developing standards for ESD since the early 1980s, including standards for device handling and test methods related to ESD.  Below is a summary of useful standards and documents related to ESD.  


Test Methods

  • Published JEDEC standards include Joint JEDEC/ESDA Human Body Model (JS-001-2014) and Joint JEDEC/ESDA Charged Device Model (JS-002-2014).


  • JEDEC publications related to ESD include JEP172A: Discontinuing Use of the Machine Model for Device ESD QualificationJEP155: HBM Target LevelsJEP157: CDM Target LevelsJEP161: System Level Part 1 Overview; and JEP162: System Level Part 2 Design Methods

ESD Handling

  • JESD625: ESD Controls for Manufacturing and Handling

ESD Labeling

Technical Tutorials

Tutorial Name Date

Human Body Model (HBM) Qualification Issues

January 2014

Charged Device Model (CDM) Qualification Issues

January 2014

Machine Model (MM) Qualification Issues
   -Discontinuing Use of the Machine Model for Device ESD Qualification

January 2014
January 2013

System Level ESD

Sept 2013

System Level ESD - Expanded

Sept 2013

ESD Control for Specification Levels

Sept 2012

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